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This study was conducted to investigate the effect of the interval between the onset of spontaneous estrus and artificial insemination (AI) on reproductive performance and calf sex ratio in repeat breeder Holstein cows.
Relationship between clinical and postmortem evaluation in repeat breeder beef cows
ABSTRACT: Fifty repeat breeder (RB) Friesian cows were allocated to five groups of 10 cows each, to determine the effect of progesterone (P4) supplement on P4 concentrations and pregnancy rates during the periods of corpus luteum (CL) formation and development between days 2-7 and 7-12 following a spontaneous or [PGF.
Key words: Repeat breeder cows, crossbred cows, GnRH, midluteal phase, fertility.
Bacteriological studies on the genital infection in repeat breeder bovines.
Bacteriological studies on the genital tract in repeat breeder bovines.
Microbiological studies were carried out for screening of repeat breeder problem in bitches.
The plasma micro mineral profile of crossbred cattle in cyclic cows, repeat breeder cows, anoestrous cows and anoestrous heifers are presented in table 2.
Therefore, ovaries and genital tract should be examined per rectum to determine presence of gross abnormalities, such as severe adhesions or uterine infection in repeat breeder or cyclic non-breeder cows (Arthur et al.
Efficacy of intrauterine use of levofloxacin and alpha tocopherol on conception rate in repeat breeder crossbred cows.
This study was conducted in repeat breeder cows, to evaluate the effect of post-insemination supplementation with intra vaginal progesterone insert device on pregnancy rate and its effect to resynchronize the estrus in non pregnant cows to the prior insemination.
Effect of administration of Buserelin Acetate on different days of estrous cycle on conception in repeat breeder dairy cows.