n the therapeutic touch phase in which the practitioner revisits the sites of imbalance noticed in the clearing phase and modifies the localized energy reversing its status (i.e., if cold, the practitioner warms it). Also called
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Hydropower, encroachment and the repatterning of hydrosocial territory: The case of Hidrosogamoso in Colombia.
The author's neutral zone is the in-between stage characterized by chaos and confusion where "critical psychological realignments and repatterning take place.
Schematic repatterning of birth schema deeply embedded prototypes need dissipation so they don't exert profound influence over individual's lifespan (Zimberoff & Hartman, 1998, p.
The techniques described include neurofeedback, the Feldenkrais technique, Matrix Repatterning therapy, magnetic stimulation, and the Portable Neuromodulation Stimulator.
Jaw Muscle Development as Evidence for Embryonic Repatterning in Direct-Developing Frogs.
Spending time outside and seeing and repatterning, I feel like I'm moving in the right direction,' she explains, as she talks about leaving behind fear and negativity and stepping into compassion, love, and power.
By repatterning the way we approach our sexuality, letting go of emotional baggage, and allowing ourselves to feel and honor messages of the body we heal our bodies, improve our relationships, manifest our desires and connect with ultimate bliss.
Two framing stories about the healing of men who are blind (8:22-26 and 10:46-52) provide commentaty on the capacity of disciples to grasp such repatterning.
Electromyographic and kinematic analysis of movement repatterning in dance.
Rehabilitation with physiotherapy is the mainstay of treatment and this consists of muscle repatterning, improvement of tone and proprioception, strengthening of the rotator cuff followed by the rest of the shoulder musculature strengthening including scapula stabilisers.
Psychoactive drugs may induce temporary and reversible altered states of consciousness by destabilizing and repatterning several psychological subsystems, such as perception, attention, cognition, memory, and sense of self (Farthing 1992; Tart 1975).