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n a payment made by a tenant to an owner for the use of land or a building.
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First it examines how owners became landlords renting out their farm in order to weather family crises and hold their patrimony together for the succeeding generation.
Demonstrating the power of Yellow Pages in a buying decision, 90 percent of "Automobile Renting and Leasing" look-ups result in a purchase, surpassing the 85 percent average of all Yellow Pages headings (1).
In 1987, after Colbert ceased renting to third parties, his mother-in-law resided in the property without charge.
dollar cost of renting an_ actual square foot of office space or square meter of space, including all costs of occupancy.
Under the 1997 rent act, those apartments renting for more than $2,000 become destabilized upon vacancy and can have new rents set by owners.
While the Rent Guidelines Board (RGB) has voted increases of two percent and four percent for new one- and two-year leases respectively, an RGB-approved low rent supplement of $15 for apartments renting for less than $450 (provided the new rent plus guidelines increases does not go over $465), as well as a 5 percent sublet allowance and a two percent increase for rooming house units, are under legal attack by tenants.
A low-rent supplement of $15 has also been proposed for apartments renting for $400 or less.
If the luxury decontrol thresholds are lowered, it also means the formal process to screen the tenant's income and methodology for obtaining a higher rent will likely echo what is already in place now for those earning $250,000 for two years running who are renting apartments for $2,000 a month or more.