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n a payment made by a tenant to an owner for the use of land or a building.
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Other applications include condemnation and inverse condemnation, as well as any type of damage or encumbrance that affects marketability or rentability.
Similarly, Perum Pegadaian's rentability is also still low, having dropped from 15.
Its rentability (ROE) reflected good condition of good condition of the company.
The net profit posted in 2000 has improved its rentability from being negative in the previous year.
Under the same position, the equities were only Rp 1,7 trillion, resulting in a considerably minus of rentability.
At a net profit of Rp 641 billion, the levels of liquidity, rentability and solvability of BCA have improved but still low.
Improving the quality of housing, essential use value increase of the property to provide a long-term rentability of the apartments.
When you enter a property for the first time, think whether a new kitchen or bathroom put in at the point of purchase would increase the rentability of the property.