renewing cell

re·new·ing cell

(rē-nū'ing sel)
A type of cell found in the skin, hair, and blood that reproduces itself continuously throughout life.
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From studies based primarily on the unitary stolidobranch Styela clava, Ermak (1982) reported renewing cell populations in various epithelia including those of the ciliated funnel, endostyle, stigmata, esophagus, and stomach; these are areas in which proliferation was also noted in D.
The body rejuvenates while we sleep, repairing and renewing cells. It does this best during periods of deep sleep at around 2am.
While we sleep our brain performs 'housekeeping tasks' such as organising long-term memory and renewing cells.
This is your body's method of renewing cells and without good cell renewal it is impossible to be healthy.
Maximise the beauty benefits of those hard-working, renewing cells by giving them and other body parts a little night time assistance.