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Cardiology verb To insert an anchored device in a fluid-filled lumen—e.g., to float a catheter
Managed care—US noun A pool of money from an HMO’s enrollees to be used to pay for services rendered by physicians and other providers—e.g., hospitals
Medical work noun A skilled responsible person—e.g., house staff officer, resident physician, or supervisory nurse—who ‘floats’ about an institution addressing needs, assuring continuity of care, allowing staff to take breaks, and relieving personnel
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Health care staffing A skilled responsible person–eg, house staff officer, resident physician, or supervisory nurse, who 'floats' about an institution addressing needs, assuring continuity of care, allowing staff to take breaks, and relieve personnel. See Night float.
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Q. Hey bipolar people. how are you doing?? I'm floating- guess that's the best way to put it... I'm glad you all are here so I can share with you. I feel like I'm out of a serious accident or after war, not sure who won... not feeling bad anymore, not as lost as before but a bit woozzy... how are you guyss doing today?

A. I am glad you hear you are feeling better today Zorba! Continue to be aware of your moods to ensure they don't swing into a mania. I hope you are able to remain leveled. Thanks for sharing!

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It is even supposed that the tinge of the latter is that of reddish sand-stone, like much of that known in our own world, but more decided in tint, while two brilliant white spots, at its poles, are thought to be light reflected from the snows of those regions, rendered more conspicuous, or disappearing, as they first emerge from a twelvemonths' winter, or melt in a summer of equal duration."
The appearance of such a train, in that bleak and solitary place, was rendered the more remarkable by the fact, that the surrounding country offered so little, that was tempting to the cupidity of speculation, and, if possible, still less that was flattering to the hopes of an ordinary settler of new lands.
The other point of difference is, the greater number of citizens and extent of territory which may be brought within the compass of republican than of democratic government; and it is this circumstance principally which renders factious combinations less to be dreaded in the former than in the latter.
To create these complex frames, many reference files are required, which need to be accessed by the artists to create them and by the render farm to complete each frame.
Under the new rules, tax practitioners (including in-house professionals) are required to comply with a series of substantive and compliance rules related to the type of written tax advice that they render. As referred to in the regulations, these "covered opinions" include written advice regarding:
When it comes to baling plastics, practice makes perfect, Robert Render, president of Maine Plastics, says.
renderers--the companies that chop up cow parts to render them into animal feed and other products-objected to new regulations.
A continuous render is taken up the sides and over the top of the core material of a wall, the core material being some three courses of mud bricks about forty centimetres high.
In both novels, the configuration of race, class, caste, and gender conspire to render the protagonist in postures of guilt" (27; my italics).
(arch.) Give back; band over, deliver, give up, surrender, (render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's).
Available for immediate order are SOFTIMAGE|XSI BatchUniversal v.2.0, an integrated environment for processing scenes generated in the SOFTIMAGE|XSI system, including the ability to render files created in other third-party 3-D applications; SOFTIMAGE|XSI Batch v.2.0, a full-featured, affordable batch- rendering solution; and the industry standard mental ray v.3.0 standalone renderer.