renal segments

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re·nal seg·'ments

regions of the kidney supplied by end arteries branching from the renal arteries; they are named anterior inferior segment, anterior superior segment, inferior segment, posterior segment, and superior segment.
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The renal segment of the IVC is formed by the confluence of these two systems, that is, suprasubcardinal and postsubcardinal anastomoses, named renal collar, which is followed by the atrophy of the posterior cardinal veins.
Near the hilum of the kidney, each renal artery divides into anterior and posterior branches, which in turn divides into number of segmental arteries supplying the different renal segments. The presence of unusual branching patterns of the renal arteries is not uncommon.
A renal scan is used to determine the relative function of all the renal segments. Cystoscopic findings are van able.