renal angiography

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re·nal an·gi·og·ra·phy

(rē'năl an'jē-og'ră-fē)
Examination of the renal circulation using x-rays following the injection of a radiopaque substance.
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Caption: FIGURE 3: Final renal angiography showing completely lysed thromboembolic materials in the left renal artery branches.
Renal angiography demonstrating the abnormal pattern of vascularization.
Fischer, "A com parison of the hemodynamic responses to metrizamide and meglumine/sodium diatrizoate in canine renal angiography," Investigative Radiology, vol.
Patients and Methods: During regular renal transplant surgery, donors having multiple renal arteries as diagnosed on preoperative computerized tomographic renal angiography were selected for further study.
Since she continued to have severe left flank and back pain in spite of iv high doses of narcotic analgesics, we decided to perform renal angiography. Selective left renal angiogram showed two left renal arteries arising from the aorta.
Significant renal artery stenosis (RAS) is defined anatomically as >50% stenosis of the lumen by renal angiography; stenosis is considered hemodynamically significant (potentially causing renovascular hypertension) if it exceeds 75%.
Nephrotoxicity after renal angiography using iodine and gadolinium contrast media in pigs with renal damage.