renal agenesis

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re·nal a·gen·e·sis

absence of one or both kidneys, most commonly unilateral with absence of the ipsilateral paramesonephric duct and its derivatives; renal function is normal as long as the remaining kidney is intact; bilateral or complete renal agenesis is associated with Potter facies and neonatal death.
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renal agenesis

The absence of one or more kidneys, which, if bilateral, is universally fatal.

Molecular pathology
Renal agenesis is associated with defects of RET and UPK3A.
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renal agenesis

Neonatology A rare disease characterized by bilateral RA, low-set floppy ears, a broad, flat nose and lung hypoplasia; infants with bilateral RA die shortly after birth; infants with unilateral RA have normal lungs and are asymptomatic in neonatal period
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Renal agenesis

Failure of the fetal kidneys to form. Oligohydramnios usually associated with absence of both kidneys.
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