remote sensing

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remote sensing

a term used to cover distance photography and satellite data-gathering techniques on a large scale.


at a distance.

remote cause
predisposing cause.
remote sensing
perceiving or measuring change in physical or chemical parameters from a distance.
remote treatment
see injection collar.
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The Remote-Sensing Satellite 1 is the second Chinese satellite to be ordered by Pakistan.
His work has led to new hypotheses in ocean studies and has inspired many follow-up investigations by the ocean remote-sensing community, increasing the practice and appreciation of ocean remote-sensing.
The second was to engage the NIEHS extramural research community in dialogue with remote-sensing data producers and organizers including the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, and the EPA.
In Part III, 'Analysis', Campbell discusses the various stages of image analysis including preprocessing of remote-sensing data, image classification and accuracy assessment.
Section II provides background information, including relevant definitions, a technical summary of space-based remote-sensing, a brief discussion of remote-sensing applications, and a synopsis of the relevant international law.
The March announcement both surprised and pleased analysts and the remote-sensing industry.
It discusses trends in various remote-sensing techniques such as panchromatic, hyper-spectral, synthetic aperture radar, multi-spectral remote, and LIDAR imagery.
This stroke was crucial--now remote-sensing supporters could hope to persuade the EPA to favor remote sensing in its enforcement of the Clean Air Act.
government sector, in particular, will rely more on commercial remote-sensing imagery and will bolster the satellite industry under a new White House policy released in May 2003.
For more information on this project or to inquire about collections during Earth Search Sciences' spring and summer remote-sensing campaign in the eastern United States, contact Tim Monroe (406-751-5200 / tim@earthsearch.
The Landsat (Land Remote-Sensing Satellite) series of Earth-observing missions has a rich 30 year history.
These spacecrafts have enhanced military and civilian communications; provided new, extensive and timely remote-sensing information; and furnished new data for thousands of scientists studying our planet, the space around it, and the solar system and universe beyond.

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