remote sensing

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remote sensing

a term used to cover distance photography and satellite data-gathering techniques on a large scale.


at a distance.

remote cause
predisposing cause.
remote sensing
perceiving or measuring change in physical or chemical parameters from a distance.
remote treatment
see injection collar.
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These Remote Sensing procedures have focused largely on indirect linkages between information embedded within spatial imagery and the core themes of the social sciences.
A second, centre of remote sensing in the United Arab Emirates and it is operating by Dubai Space Imaging.
Remote Sensing for Urban Environmental Modeling, Proceedings of the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS) 2005 Annual Conference, March 2005, Baltimore, MD.
The new remote sensing equipment doesn't require cars to stop, and officials say the pilot program is aimed at showing that the equipment can be used to accurately screen the exhaust of some 15,000 cars a day - and flag the worst offenders.
Remote sensing from space can be as simple as taking photographs of the Earth from space using an optical camera and photographic film.
While the researchers believe in the benefits of remote sensing, public health agencies, overwhelmed by the effort to fulfill their many mandates with dwindling budgets, haven't rushed to adopt the high-tech approaches.
According to the report, though the Government sector is the major end-user of remote sensors, growth in the commercial application of remote sensing technology has been driven by several trends.
Geological Survey and NASA place in Earth remote sensing," said USGS Director Marcia McNutt.
After assessing competitive offerings, we found that Intergraph was one of the most suitable partners for our company's future growth," said Zhang Xiaoshan, director, Aero Geophysical Survey & Remote Sensing for Land and Resources.
Pioneered by ESP in 1992, remote sensing technology instantly measures tailpipe emissions as motor vehicles pass through ultraviolet and infrared beams.
Brad Doorn, remote sensing coordinator for the FAS' Crop Assessment Division stated, "The premise of the new contract is that we need to be efficient.
Substantial technological and economic changes have taken place in the remote sensing market since BCC Research most recently explored the topic in its 2009 Market Research Report titled Remote Sensing Technologies and Global Markets.

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