remote sensing

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remote sensing

a term used to cover distance photography and satellite data-gathering techniques on a large scale.


at a distance.

remote cause
predisposing cause.
remote sensing
perceiving or measuring change in physical or chemical parameters from a distance.
remote treatment
see injection collar.
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Remote sensing data will serve administrations and commercial customers.
Pakistan Remote Sensing Satellite (PRSS-1) will make Pakistan self-reliant in multispectral imaging" thus saving a huge foreign exchange on account of satellite imagery and satellite based monitoring of various national projects.
Combining RSLab with the Opus organization will strengthen our efforts in establishing Remote Sensing in Europe further.
The Pakistan Remote Sensing Satellite 1 is the second Chinese satellite to be used by Pakistan.
So for remote sensing image, texture directly reflects the spatial distribution of image gray mode, contains the surface information of the remote sensing image and its relationship with the surrounding environment, can a good balance of remote sensing image of the macro structure and micro structure (Yang, 2008; Li, 2012).
In the wake of such a wide spread disaster remote sensing data once again proved its importance both for relief and rescue efforts.
According to him, KazCosmos could become administrator of the unified budget program for products and services of remote sensing.
Bahrain has endeavoured to reach a milestone in transitioning from conventional methods to satellite remote sensing, primarily within the Government Sector for utilization of diverse remote sensing products like deployment of satellite images and modern technology of Remote Sensing in the planning and implementation of multi-sector applications in the Kingdom.
Remote sensing information can be used to establish sub-field management zones for variable rate application, providing a less expensive and finer resolution option than grid sampling," Khalifa said.
BOSTON--Farouk El-Baz, Research Professor and Director of the Boston University Center of Remote Sensing received the "Golden Award" for his archeological research from the Egyptian Ministry of Culture's Supreme Council of Antiquities.
Remote sensing technology is changing not just government pursuits, but our daily lives--and REMOTE SENSING FOR GIS MANAGERS surveys the uses and applications of GIS using color images and illustrations to explore such diverse fields as agriculture, business, urban planning and more.
Industrial and chemical processors are now said to obtain maximum featured temperature and humidity monitoring technology at half the price with the company's TH8 line of 8" temperature/humidity chart recorders and the KT8 line of K-thermocouple remote sensing 8" chart recorders.

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