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the mental faculty that enables one to retain and recall previously experienced sensations, impressions, information, and ideas. The ability of the brain to retain and to use knowledge gained from past experience is essential to the process of learning. Although the exact way in which the brain remembers is not completely understood, it is believed that a portion of the temporal lobe of the brain, lying in part under the temples, acts as a kind of memory center, drawing on memories stored in other parts of the brain.
impaired memory a nursing diagnosis accepted by the North American Nursing Diagnosis Association, defined as inability to remember bits of information or behavioral skills.
immunologic memory the capacity of the immune system to respond more rapidly and strongly to a subsequent antigenic challenge than to the first exposure. See also memory cells and immune response.
long-term memory the aspect of memory in which knowledge is stored permanently, to be activated when cued; it is theoretically unlimited in capacity.
recent memory the ability to recall events from the immediate past.
remote memory the ability to recall events from the distant past.
screen memory a consciously tolerable memory serving to conceal or “screen” another memory that might be disturbing or emotionally painful if recalled.
short-term memory what one is conscious of at a given moment; in contrast to long-term memory it is of limited capacity (about seven items) and will be lost unless rehearsed and related to information in long-term memory.

re·mote mem·o·ry

memory for events of long ago as opposed to recent events.

remote memory

Long-term memory, see there.

remote memory

Recollection of information that was stored in the distant past.
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Table 2 Descriptive Statistics and Paired-Sample Mean Comparison Tests on the Deficits Awareness Scale Overall Remote memory Variable CP PwMCI CP PwMCI Entire sample n 61 61 69 69 Cronbach's [alpha] .
Advantages of direct remote memory access have been identified in fast communication research such as active messages [von Eicken et al.
The average times to fetch a 4KB block in the local cache, the cache of another client, and the server are shown in the rows Local Memory Latency, Remote Memory Latency, and Server Access Latency.
Although Cellular Disco cells can use shared memory for updating virtual machine-specific data structures, Cellular Disco procedures that directly manipulate remote memory must be able to handle memory exceptions raised by the hardware if the remote cell fails.
A processor on one bus can use a programmed I/O (PIO) to transparently read and write a remote memory location just as if it were a local bus access with as little as 2 microseconds of latency.
The SGI NUMAflex architecture incorporates a low-latency, high-bandwidth interconnect that is designed to maintain performance as it scales, allowing efficient access to local and remote memory without the bottlenecks associated with switches, backplanes, and other commodity interconnect technologies.
Synergy's GBM includes a set of drivers that initializes remote memory for future transparent access.
5 levels, NEBS Level 3 compliance, remote memory backup and restoration, and gateway network element capabilities with no additional hardware further raise the bar for carrier-class equipment.
Repetitive tasks such as Remote Memory Backup (RMBU), network element audit and TL1 batch files can be scheduled without manual intervention, saving additional OPEX as well as costly human resources.
A significant feature of the FLEXR GT system integrates three important functions: software download, remote memory backup and remote memory restoration.
The graphical user interface-based system features remote memory backup for network element configurations, remote memory restoration for recovery purposes and the ability to download new software releases to the network elements.

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