remote cause

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remote cause

An event or condition that is not immediate in its effect but predisposes to the development of a disease or condition.
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at a distance.

remote cause
predisposing cause.
remote sensing
perceiving or measuring change in physical or chemical parameters from a distance.
remote treatment
see injection collar.
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At the point where these various influences meet it is for the judgment as upon a matter of fact to declare which of the causes thus joined at the point of effect was the proximate and which was the remote cause.
Olubor to unravel the immediate and remote causes of the death of one David Okinabo, which consequently led to a clash between some Police officers and youths in Upper Igun area in Oredo Local Government Area of the state which occurred on Tuesday, February 6.
The committee was also mandated to investigate the immediate and remote causes of breach of due process and report back within four weeks for further legislative action.
He added, "The investigation will determine the immediate and remote causes of the incident with a view to developing and implementing measures that will prevent a re-occurrence of the unsafe and unacceptable procedure that exposed passengers to high risk of serious injury.
The commission will, among other duties, establish the immediate and remote causes of the conflict; investigate the human rights violations and abuses committed by all parties from 15 December 2013; establish facts and circumstances that may have led to that amount to such violations and any crimes that may have been perpetrated.
As the authors reveal, there is no agreement on the immediate and remote causes of the revolt.

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