remittance advice

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re·mit·tance ad·vice

(RA) (rē-mit'ăns ad-vīs')
Documentation describing payment and adjustments to the health care service provider; also called explanation of benefits (EOB).
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The one big difference is that the storage of remittance advice is now on CD-ROM.
Today's rule, Administrative Simplification: Adoption of Operating Rules for Health Care Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT) and Remittance Advice Transactions were developed through extensive discussions with industry stakeholders.
Together, the previously issued EFT standards and the new EFT and electronic remittance advice (ERA) operating rule are projected to save between $2.
Electronic Remittance Advice reduces the impact of EOBs, remittances, claims adjustments, and other paperwork through automatic posting.
The new beX Remittance Advice Delivery Service is intended to allow customers to outsource all of their remittance document delivery to Burns, reportedly reducing administration overheads and time spent handling supplier payment queries.
DentalXChanges EDI tools will help empower Humanas dental providers with the ability to eliminate paper and manage their entire revenue cycle, from eligibility verification before a patients visit, through the receipt of the electronic remittance advice and payment, said Wellwood.
Getaway EDI is a provider of electronic claims processing, insurance eligibility verification, missing revenue identification and recovery services as well as automated secondary claims and electronic remittance advice which facilitates patient payment collection.
According to a recently released survey by Payformance Corporation, a provider of Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) services, 98 percent of respondents want to transition to electronic claim settlement even though a small fraction of providers are currently receiving electronic payments and remittance advices.
Today's rule--the Adoption of Standards for Health Care Electronic Funds Transfers and Remittance Advice -- adopts streamlined standards for the format and data content of the transmission a health plan sends to its bank when it wants to pay a claim to a provider electronically (through an electronic funds transfer) and to issue a Remittance Advice notice.
Once the RPA has made a payment, it will send a remittance advice which will show the payment amount.
HIPAA's Administrative Simplification provisions set national standards for certain electronic health care transactions, such as claims processing, remittance advice, eligibility and status determinations.
SSI's ClickON technology also facilitates HIPAA transactions for claims (837I&P), eligibility request/response (270/271), claims status request/inquiry (276/277), remittance advice (835) and precertification/ authorization (278).