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v the replacement of depleted mineral content of bones and teeth. It is a naturally occurring process by the minerals contained in saliva. It may be promoted by certain dental treatments in the dental office and by the patient at home.
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However, it has never studied whether deep lesions, extending into dentine, can be remineralised if such lesions are subjected to a continuous remineralisation scheme.
The water is piped to a unit, purified and remineralised ready to be dispensed," said Rukhsana Kausar, partner, Liquid of Life, detailing her exhibit at the Future Green Dubai 2010 fair yesterday.
The water is then remineralised, with aeration being added to the sparkling style.
Wait half an hour before brushing so your teeth have remineralised," she says.
In the absence of fine minerals, the products of microbial degradation are themselves rapidly remineralised.
When either type of product is used, she says: 'The minerals go into your skin through osmosis, leaving you remineralised and re-energised.
Under these circumstances, conversion of orthophosphate to organic P may be preferable with regards to long-term fertility, so long as the organic P is remineralised during the growing season.
Recent studies have focused on partial caries removal, consisting of removal of the outer infected dentine, which has a greater number of microorganisms and cannot be remineralised, because collagen fibers are disrupted.
This implies a location-dependent balance between remineralised soil organic matter and ammonia from urine and faeces as the main N sources.
This was supported by increases in dark zone size when lesions were remineralised [Wefel et al.