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1. To recall to the mind; think of again.
2. To retain in the memory.
3. To return to an original shape or form after being deformed or altered.

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Q. Do you remember the popcorn diet Madonna was on? Can anyone explain how does this diet work?

A. thanks for valuable info!
I searched for it here on iMedix and indeed found several articles about the subject. One of them is:

Q. I suffer from depression and feel many times that I cannot remember things. Here's another question that I encounter a lot of times: "I suffer from depression and feel many times that I cannot remember things. Is there a relationship between Depression and Alzheimer disease?"

A. Daphna, I appreciate your taking the time for this question. It is something I worry about and just discussed with my doctor last week. I know that for me, some days are more difficult (kind of cloudy) than others. Some days it seems to take me all day to get my daily reading/prayer/meditation done. But I am no longer in a hurry now that I am retired. My doctor said all I needed was a cup of coffee to get going and that always helps me just fine. Walking for me is also very stimulating. Seems like when I get back from a walk, I get a new persective on things. Thanks again Daphna.

Q. I'm having problem remembering how to operate a computer software. Is learning possible only at a young age? I have been trying to learn a new software program that my kids got me but I keep forgetting how to get it started. Is learning possible only at a young age?

A. This is a common concern among older adults. However the answer is actually- not at all. People can learn throughout their life span. In fact, it is important to continue and learn new skills as we age. Learning new skills, like new games, new dances, and a new language, and playing a musical instrument, help keep our mind sharp longer. With age, we may be slower to pick up new information. However, the ability to learn does not go away unless we are inflicted with dementia. It may require more effort but you can continue to learn.

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In Memoriam ATHERTON - ALAN July 30 , 2008 (Dad, remembered and missed every single day.
I want to be remembered for saying the words whispered in my ear.
The brain scans revealed that the brain areas involved in learning of the pictures were also less activated when words were simultaneously remembered.
His birthday was the day we remembered him more than any other.
Things that you learned while your body was moving are long remembered, e.
Always in my thoughts, remembered by Cecilia Boonstra.
The Main effect of grade revealed that third graders remembered significantly more phrases that first graders, F(1,30) = 166.
The 66 participants who reported ties to the Danish resistance movement displayed particularly accurate factual recall and remembered personal experiences with great clarity.
So, perhaps the show was a bigger event than I originally remembered.
As any grieving mother would, she returned to the last places she saw her son and remembered him.
Somewhere in the expanse of our lives, close enough to call home, these stories are remembered by someone bearing witness.