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A term which, in the UK, is defined as an organised belief system concerning the sacred and/or divine, which is based on the moral codes, cultures and subcultures, practices and institutions associated with such a belief system.
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An entity of wide human significance encompassing doctrinal, historical, literary, devotional, experiential, behavioural and transcendental elements. It is concerned with man's relationship to God, however perceived. Religion may be formalized in dogma or entirely free and individual. It may be a matter of indifference or of the most central importance. Its influence on health may be beneficial, negligible or malign. Religion has been one of the major causes of human suffering and a source of immense consolation to millions. It has brought out the direst cruelty and the most benevolent and altruistic conduct. By their nature, religious beliefs cannot be validated in the manner of scientific facts and must always be matters of faith and unsupported belief. Doctors have a duty to respect the religious beliefs of their patients.
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Patient discussion about religion

Q. Is Christian religion dangerous to your mental health? I think manic episodes can be somewhat akin to religious experiences. Perhaps searching for God can lead to either mania or depression. Maybe we are searching for an impossible dream.

A. I would say that in our life, the balance factor is important. everything that is over-rated will not be good anymore. example :
- if you're too obese, you have higher risk of having some metabolic problems; but if you're doing your strict diet too strong, then you can risk yourself of lacking some nutrition
- you are lazy enough to do some sports, you can't have your muscles built. you push yourself too hard in workout session, there's a risk of sport injury

and i will say the same in religion related to mental health. we need to be healthy not just physically, but also mentally, and spiritually. the problem is, some 'fanatic' believers -because the religion itself always teaches us how to live our life well- are exaggerating some beliefs inside the religion verses, and live it outrageously, and later it will manifest in some manic manifestation.

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