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And it was true that Bulstrode found himself carrying on two distinct lives; his religious activity could not be incompatible with his business as soon as he had argued himself into not feeling it incompatible.
But if you're talking about a proselytizing gospel concert, that's a religious activity and you can't do it.
Rather than catalog the countless foreseeable legal conflicts between same-sex marriage and religion, as others have done, (35) this Comment seeks to explore in greater depth the seriousness of the challenge to religious activity and to assess some potential First Amendment defenses with which a confronted religious actor or institution could respond, paying particular attention to the likeliest successful argument: the right to expressive association.
Women's Religious Activity in the Roman Republic by Celia E.
Though ritual meditation is part of several major religions, it doesn't have to be a religious activity.
Social support was considered to be an important variable to control when examining religious activity as a predictor of alcohol abuse as religious participation creates the potential for heightened social support due to social involvement in church sponsored activities.
The district court also had not passed judgment on whether the visits violated the Constitution's ban on religious activities by the state, while the plaintiffs had argued that Koizumi paid homage at the Shinto shrine in his official capacity and the conduct constituted religious activity by the state, which is banned under the Constitution.
To argue as Niebuhr did that human religious activity cannot succeed in offsetting patterns of power inextricably woven into our human nature registers as a loss of faith in God's ability to commission us to act as the agents of this redemptive work.
I was pressured out of the vegetarian lifestyle by the church where we attended because people saw it as some Eastern religious activity.
After talking with some 700 black teen every year for four years, Steinman and other researchers found that more religious activity in the ninth grade predicted smaller increases in marijuana use among boys and cigarette use among girls.
Released May 5, the 60-page report includes 16 recommendations related to how the prison system screens and recruits religious services providers, relies on Muslim chaplains and supervises religious activity.