relief area

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re·lief ar·e·a

in dentistry, the portion of the denture-bearing area over which the denture base is altered to reduce functional pressure.

relief area

Etymology: L, relevare, to lighten
the part of the tissue surface under a prosthesis on which pressure is reduced or eliminated.

re·lief a·re·a

(rĕ-lēf arē-ă)
In dentistry, portion of denture-bearing area over which denture base is altered to reduce functional pressure.
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Miami International Airport offers pet relief areas with grass and a fire hydrant and the San Francisco International Airport has a yoga room.
When ink is applied to the relief areas, and the paper is pressed against the block to print the relief design, the design (in this case, the landmark) appears on the paper.
As they get older, they tend to move away from the high relief, dispersing into indentations in the mud, other smaller relief areas, in smaller groups.
The Army helicopters bear the burden of getting people to and from counterdrug operations and humanitarian relief areas.
She studied with a master artist who showed her many of the steps involved including the use of kitchen ingredients to build up a paste for the relief areas.
According to the company, the valve has a special sealing arrangement and a chamber that is vented to the atmosphere that enables the sum of the pilot and relief areas to be vented without the need for a fourth port and associated vent line.
QuikClot is an ideal product for use in the field, including disaster relief areas or by first responders, due to its ease-of-use and ability to achieve hemostasis in as little as three minutes.
In response to the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria and two earthquakes in Mexico, Exelon has donated $50,000 to the American Red Cross to assist in disaster relief areas.
The Ministry of Social Development has designated a number of relief areas around various parts of Muscat while the Muscat Municipality says its fully prepared for the storm and has already set up an emergency plan and a 24-hour call centre to accommodate residents' needs.
And if you're flying with a pet in tow, you'll want to make note of the growing number of animal relief areas, like those at the Miami airport that feature patches of real grass and a bright yellow fire hydrant.