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1. Removal of pain or distress, physical or mental.
See also: relief area, relief chamber.
2. In dentistry, reduction or elimination of pressure from a specific area under a denture base.
See also: relief area, relief chamber.
[see relieve]


1. Quality of an object or of different parts of a surface to stick out from the background or general plane in which it is situated. The perception of relief is a special case of depth perception.
2. A feeling of gladness that something unpleasant or painful has not occurred or has ceased. See depth perception; stereopsis.


1. In dentistry, reduction or elimination of pressure from a specific area under a denture base.
2. Removal of pain or distress, physical or mental.

Patient discussion about relief

Q. has anyone expierienced extreme bloating from diverticulitus and what can you do to get relief?

A. what do you mean in bloating? do you have constipation? i know that my father has diverticulitis, he had a surgery , very scary times.
but he is O.K. now, eat alot of fibers, drink alot of fluids and doing daily exercise (past 2 and a half years now). and he feels great. much much better.

Q. I am curious to know is there any other system of treatment for pain relief without meds. Here is Duke, 18 yrs. I have Fibromyalgia for the past 1yr. I hate to take meds. I am curious to know is there any other system of treatment for pain relief without meds. I guess I just need some advice on how I can feel better.

A. I got relief for Fibromyalgia without meds but with exercise and massages. Messages are really good!!! Exercise is also an important part. While it hurts to get started, it ends up helping... Try to find a doctor especially muscle specialist.

Q. Fibromyalgia- what are others way to get relief from the pain? I've had Fibromyalgia for 17 years now. I've been off and on Medicine for it. I was just wondering if anyone who has it , had any other methods of pain relief besides medication. Thanks!

A. yes, there are alternative medicines for fibromyalgia... start with
a good detox email me at can get you one plus
there are herbal remedies... will look for your email!

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Earlier this year, after almost two years of work, the House and Senate adopted ETI replacement legislation that includes both international tax reforms and domestic manufacturing relief, and as well as a variety of other provisions.
A kind of examination of the self had been there before: The voids at the centers of the '60s wall reliefs certainly hinted at bodily orifices.
Overall, The Old Poor Law in Scotland will prove valuable to historians of poor relief and social welfare in general, because it raises many issues prevalent in both nineteenth century social reform and today--whether there is a "right to relief, and whether voluntary, local, or religious charities can substitute for well-organized state aid.
The die opening shape was held constant for the 5 mm distance directly behind the die face; back relief was applied to the remaining 10 mm of the land.
Although the IRS cannot legally extend the deadline for employment or excise tax deposits, the IRS will provide relief for businesses unable to make these deposits because of the terrorist attacks.
Pont says his decision to become a relief worker probably owes a lot to his British parents, who were themselves relief workers.
As the relief neared its completion, Re moved and increased the number of pegs to more than 60.
The different types of pressure relief products vary by level of prevention and therapy.
New York City's Mayor Rudolph Giuliani knocked the Governor for spelling out less relief for city owners and offering no relief for renters and cooperators.
In addition to any other remedy provided by law, the individual may petition the Tax Court (and the Tax Court shall have jurisdiction) to determine the appropriate relief available to the individual under this section.
The military's process for prepositioning combat equipment can serve as a pattern for disaster relief from the sea, said Jeff McMahon of the U.