reliability coefficient

re·li·a·bil·i·ty co·ef·fi·cient

an index of the consistency of measurement often based on the correlation between scores obtained on the initial test and a retest (test-retest reliability) or between scores on two similar forms of the same test (equivalent-form reliability).
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The reliability and validity analysis was also conducted by Durak (22) and The Cronbach Alpha reliability coefficient was found as 0,86.
The Turkish version of the instrument has been tested for validity and reliability in 2008.17 The tool has a high level of internal consistency reliability coefficient (a =0.81), and subscales' internal consistency reliability coefficients varied between 0.72 and 0.85.
Reliability coefficient was calculated through Cronbach's alpha.
In the analysis of data, numbers, percentages, the Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient, the Cronbach's a reliability coefficient, Guttman split-half reliability coefficient, and the Spearman-Brown prediction formula were calculated.
Cronbach's [alpha] was .87, test-retest reliability coefficient was .83 (p < .001), and split-half reliability coefficient was .82 in Wang et al.'s study.
The overall alpha reliability coefficient of OSDI was 0.74, and the alpha reliability coefficients of "eye symptoms," "visual function," and "environmental triggering factors" were 0.67, 0.71, and 0.86, respectively, indicating that the internal consistency reliability of the scale was relatively high.
reliability based on average correlation among items within a test and examines the degree to which MCQs measure the same domain of knowledge.13,14 Internal consistency is routinely measured by calculating reliability coefficient.13,14,17 There are different statistical ways to calculate internal consistency but commonly used method is 'coefficient alpha.17
This scale is based on 22 items having satisfactory value of alpha reliability coefficient. Scores on the Indecisiveness are used to measure general incisiveness.
The reliability coefficient indicated how well the items are correlated with one another.
The Cronbach [alpha] reliability coefficient is a weighted standard variation average which is found by comparing the total variance of the items with the general variance.

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