reliability coefficient

re·li·a·bil·i·ty co·ef·fi·cient

an index of the consistency of measurement often based on the correlation between scores obtained on the initial test and a retest (test-retest reliability) or between scores on two similar forms of the same test (equivalent-form reliability).
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3rd Providing layettes containing spare parts, including szybkozuzywajace in an amount to provide continuous operation over 3 600 hours of operation at a guaranteed level of reliability coefficient of 95%.
Like Colbert's team, the Canadian group found that taking multiple measurements in quick succession improved the reliability coefficient, but they report that averaging five quick measurements produced the best results.
The reliability coefficient of the five sections of the survived instrument was tabulated in Appendix A-8 through Appendix A-15 respectively.
The proportion of the total variance attributable to between-person variability, or the reliability coefficient (r = [[sigma].
This number is the reliability coefficient and many people mistakenly think this number applies to their survey.
Calculating, Interpreting, and Reporting Cronbach's Alpha Reliability Coefficient for Likert-Type Scales, Available from: https://scholarworks.
For the consecutive trial comparisons, intraclass reliability coefficient was r = 0.

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