relaxing incision

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relaxing incision

A second incision made during surgery to promote drainage, relieve the tension on a wound as it is sutured, or facilitate mobilization of a sliding tissue flap.
Synonym: counterincision; counteropening.
See also: incision


1. a cut or a wound made by a sharp instrument.
2. the act of cutting.

bold incision
one described as firm and free in action so as to cut through the skin in a minimum of motions, rather than multiple short, light strokes.
grid incision
a surgical approach through a flank incision in horses and cattle in which the several muscle layers are separated in the direction of their fibers, each of which is different, and the peritoneum is incised in a vertical direction. Called also a modified McBurney incision.
modified McBurney incision
see grid incision (above).
paramedian incision
one located near the midplane, most commonly parallel and close to the linea alba.
relaxing incision
one made to allow movement of skin for closure of a wound or parallel incision.
stab incision
made with the point of a scalpel.