relative value system

relative value system,

n coded listing of professional services with unit values to indicate relative complexity as measured by time, skill, and overhead costs. Third-party payers typically assign a dollar value per unit to calculate provider reimbursement.
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In 1989, Amerling continues, HCFA moved away from paying doctors based on their UCR charges to the Resource Based Relative Value System, a socialistic construct that assigned dollar amounts to the myriad services provided by doctors.
ANA dedicated significant resources that influenced the outcome of this regulation, including our ongoing, active participation on the CPT Editorial Panel and the Relative Value System Update Committee (RUC).
In 1981, Region II of the Public Health Service of New York State initiated a comprehensive dental management information system (MIS) using a relative value system as the key metric in program assessment.
In the proposal, CMS has identified a list of high-cost procedures and has required that the American Medical Association's Relative Value System Update Committee (RUC) assess the list.
It's not that the relative value system is screwed up or that CMS is made up of bad people," Dr.
As most of you recall, the Resource-Based Relative Value System identified work units associated with every CPT code for service.
Ability to store Relative Value Units by procedure, such as Resource Based Relative Value System, so that the practice can better analyze relative value and units of productivity by procedure and physician;
CMS releases report on relative value system for lab fees
Using McGraw-Hill's relative value system and calculated conversion factors, fee(calc) determines fees for thousands of Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes within minutes.
He outlines the problems of consumer information, defines monopolistic competition, physician payments under Medicare, policy alternatives, the Resource-based Relative Value System and then neatly summarizes the subsequent essayists.
1] Physicians became concerned when the Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) adjusted the original relative value system and used its own calculations to determine historical payments.
Although the California relative value system was based on experience and reported charges, it only came in two editions, 1969 and 1974.