relative index of refraction

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index of refraction, relative

The ratio of the speed of light in air (or other medium of reference) to the speed of light in a given medium.
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Numerical simulations were performed as a function of the filling fraction and the relative index of refraction, nY defined as the ratio between the index of refraction of the scatterers and the surrounding media noted n and n0.
One can observe that the numerical framework we applied demonstrates the large influence of the relative index of refraction in the nature of the electromagnetic couplings between the heterogeneities.
(d) The modeling of dependent light scattering effects in dense media strongly depends on the value of the relative index of refraction of the system: (1) For low nr, the use of single coherent scattering approximation can lead to a fairly accurate modeling provided the particles' shape can be approximated by spheres and that their spatial correlation is mainly driven by a hard sphere potential.