coefficient of relationship

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co·ef·fi·cient of re·la·tion·ship

the probability that a gene present in one mate is also present in the other and is derived from the same source.
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In the boys group, an indirect positive path was found from autonomy to enjoyment via intrinsic regulation, and for the girls group an indirect positive path was found from relatedness to enjoyment via intrinsic regulation.
Further, Bethencourt (2012) demonstrated that fulfillment of the three key psychological needs of autonomy, competence, and relatedness that are posited in self-determination theory enhances employees' work engagement.
This paper aims to link innovation performance to knowledge relatedness. The latter concept may be defined as the degree of similarity between a company's knowledge with respect to its parent company, i.e.
According to self-determination theory, students' intrinsic or self-determined motivations and the associated deeper cognitive engagement, persistence, and well-being are generated via the fulfillment of three basic psychological needs: autonomy (need to initiate one's own actions), competence (need to experience mastery and control outcomes), and relatedness (need to connect to others [Deci & Ryan, 2002; Niemiec & Ryan, 2009]).
In order to understand how social and spatial proximity affects the dynamics of everyday sociality, we suggest the notion of urban kinship to capture how idioms of relatedness in the city build on more enduring socio-cultural legacies, often explicitly articulated in the language of family.
Thus, like the reduced pyramid, SDT departs from Maslow's model by extending the classification of enhancement needs beyond self-actualization to include competence, relatedness, and autonomy as intrinsic enhancement needs that are all linked to the enrichment of positive well-being rather than the minimization of psychological distress (Sheldon et al.
In talking with students, teachers might find that the fundamental structure of the choice they provided the students was not conducive for students' feelings of autonomy, competence, and relatedness. However, like Ms.
Much of his critique, as I understand it, rests upon the idea that the unity implicit in a foundational relatedness creates a singularity which, in turn must then cease 'to account for difference, fragmentation, and the modern ontological condition of exile' (Bazzano, 2017: p 60; emphasis in the original).
Of the 14 microsatellite loci examined, only 3 (RUFA5, RUFA15, and RUFA18) had suitable numbers of alleles (10, 8, and 15, respectively) and levels of heterozygosity useful for estimating genetic relatedness (direct count heterozygosity of 0.82, 0.64, and 0.87, respectively).
We find that the speed of internationalization is significantly faster for NBUs with the highest possible relatedness to the already existing portfolio of business units of their respective parent MNE.
One of the SDT mini-theories which supports this innate tendency is Basic Needs Theory (BNT; Deci & Ryan, 1985) which posits that when the three basic psychological needs (competence, autonomy, and relatedness) are satisfied, a person will be more intrinsically motivated to pursue an endeavor (Alexandris, Kouthouris, & Girgolas, 2007; Patrick & Canevello, 2011).