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Etymology: L, re + juvenis, youth
the restoration of youthful health and vitality.


(ri-joo″vĕ-nā′shŏn) [re- + L. juvenis, young]
A return to a youthful condition or to the normal.

facial rejuvenation

Any form of cosmetic surgery (or other skin treatment) that makes the face appear younger, e.g., by eliminating or reducing wrinkles, sun damage, or the drooping or sagging of tissues or structures.

Patient discussion about rejuvenation

Q. What are “antioxidants”? and what do they do? I’ve been hearing about antioxidants for quite some time now, they are supposedly help to keep us younger. What do they do and is it true?

A. When every biological system works- it creates oxidants. These are materials that are very active and they “look for” something to react with. So when you eat (an example) there are a lot of oxidants created. they move around in the colon and they usually react with colon cells, thus destroying them. This also happens while breathing, cell metabolism and a lot of biological processes. Antioxidants counteract these free oxidants and stop their harmful reaction.

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Within hours, the cells looked younger and started to rejuvenate, behaving like young cells and dividing.
The Main Street program works to rejuvenate older, downtown business districts while retaining municipalities historic character.
Karen added: "I think she's going to rejuvenate the whole show.
New Delhi [India], June 20 ( ANI ): To help and heal your body from everyday's routine and stress in a fast city like New Delhi, you must visit a spacious garden in Noida that can rejuvenate your body on the International Yoga Day on June 21.
He then borrowed money from a "prominent surgeon" who was a company client, stating the loan was for the benefit of Rejuvenate Your Business.
18 September 2015 - US-based nutraceutical and health products manufacturer Vireo Systems has purchased the Rejuvenate Plus veterinary products company, their line of products, and their portfolio of research data, the company said.
Rejuvenate shook off competition from across the UK to reach the top five in the Beauty Salon of the Year (three rooms or fewer) category, while Emily will be vying for the title of Therapist of the Year against five other experts at the ceremony on February 22.
The research builds on centuries of speculation that the blood of young people contains substances that might rejuvenate older adults.