reiki therapy

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An energy healing system based on ancient Tibetan scriptures, which were rediscovered by Professor M Usui in the mid-1800s.  Reiki (which translates from Japanese as “universal energy of life”) sessions are performed by practitioners who have been initiated through “energy attunement” by a Reiki Master, channelling Universal Life Energy to family, friends and clients. The Reiki practitioner is believed to act as a conduit for cosmic energy, which enters the top of his or her head and leaves through the hands.
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[USCCB, "Reiki Therapy Unscientific, 'Inappropriate for Catholic Institutions,' Say Bishops' Guidelines," March 26, 2009.]
Reiki therapy is where the therapist places her hands a couple of inches above your body for the treatment.
- this is the man who is to verbal niceties what a full body cavity search at a Turkish prison is to Reiki therapy.
In return, over the years, I've had my garden done, DIY in the house, had my hair coloured, and enjoyed some Reiki therapy. I've also been on courses like photography, and singing.
Therein lies the greatest barrier to acceptance of Reiki therapy, which may require a different way of knowing.
Look out for the current Summer Pamper offer at Alexandra House which offers two 30-minute treatments (choose from back massage, Indian head massage, hot stone massage, Reiki therapy, aromatherapy facial, aromatherapy massage, reflexology, hand ritual, foot ritual, holistic face and scalp massage), paraffin wax hand treatment, robe, slippers and drinks.
Catholic bishops last month advised Catholic chaplains, health care facilities and retreat centers not to promote or support Reiki therapy, a Japanese alternative healing practice.
Anyone can have reiki therapy, from children to pensioners, and even surgical patients and mums-to-bep TRY the reiki technique for yourself at the Harbour Club within the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Liverpool, priced pounds 30 for an hour.
AGELESS THERAPY: Tracey Smith of Coundon receives reiki therapy from Andy Gillis at the health event, held in the city to mark Older People's Day.
One business that has recently received a grant is Guiding Light Reiki Therapy. Owner Jonnie Clarke has established his mobile business in south-east Northumberland with the assistance of a grant of pounds 500 to fund a lap-top computer.
She is well known in her field for Reiki Therapy, Pranic Healing, Chakra clearing and balancing, Flow of Grace energy healing system, and Emotional Freedom Technique.
"I did a computer course, I had reiki therapy and massage, and the people there are really good with Daniel.