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tr.v. rehabili·tated, rehabili·tating, rehabili·tates
To restore to good health or useful life, as through therapy and education: rehabilitate a patient; rehabilitate a prison inmate.

re′ha·bil′i·tat′a·ble adj.
re′ha·bil′i·ta′tion n.
re′ha·bil′i·ta′tive adj.

Patient discussion about rehabilitate

Q. Is it possible to help someone be rehabilitated from alcohol? I want to help my father but he just wont go to rehab. I know he has to want it first and he does- but he doesnt like the whole social thing around it. I guess I could do it by myself- at home- but how??

A. i agree with scooter, good advises. of course AA meetings have great affect. but it'll be hard to convince him to go if he refuses to take control of his problem. try getting a good friend of him to help you. it might do the trick.

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"There should be a unified effort from GCC countries in order to combat drug addiction and to rehabilitate addicts," said Dr Ebrahim Al Talha, who specialises in offering spiritual succour to drug addicts undergoing rehabilitation in Saudi Arabia.
In South Salt Lake City, Insituform used its structurally lined Thermopipe product to rehabilitate 1,500 feet of 12-inch steel water line threatened by the weight of an interstate highway expansion above it.