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tr.v. rehabili·tated, rehabili·tating, rehabili·tates
To restore to good health or useful life, as through therapy and education: rehabilitate a patient; rehabilitate a prison inmate.

re′ha·bil′i·tat′a·ble adj.
re′ha·bil′i·ta′tion n.
re′ha·bil′i·ta′tive adj.
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Patient discussion about rehabilitate

Q. Is it possible to help someone be rehabilitated from alcohol? I want to help my father but he just wont go to rehab. I know he has to want it first and he does- but he doesnt like the whole social thing around it. I guess I could do it by myself- at home- but how??

A. i agree with scooter, good advises. of course AA meetings have great affect. but it'll be hard to convince him to go if he refuses to take control of his problem. try getting a good friend of him to help you. it might do the trick.

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Senior Minister for local government and rural development department Inayatullah said that under the umbrella of MSP 147699 meters drains had been cleaned, 26000 meters water supply pipes had been rehabilitated, 22 blocked public toilets and 71250 meters drains had been rehabilitated which has costed more than 5000 millions.
''In all my time rehabilitating roosters, I have not found one that can't be rehabilitated,'' she said.
are designed to appeal for public acceptance and community support for rehabilitated offenders.
Pavel Odintsov, a supreme court spokesman, said: "The presidium declared as groundless the repression of Tsar Nicholas II and his family and rehabilitated them."
* There may be five fewer robbery victims for every robber caught and rehabilitated.
About 90% of penguins were not lucky enough to be captured and rehabilitated, and so perished.
In two separate incidences this February, manatees that had been rehabilitated with the help of Ohio zoos were returned to the wild.
however, categorically rejects any suggestion that he has been somehow "rehabilitated" from his, socialist roots.
The purpose of the current investigation was to assess the congruence between vocational evaluation (VE) job recommendations, vocational skills training, and jobs obtained by success, fully rehabilitated (status 26) state VR clients.
A great many mine tailing sites have been cleaned up or are in the process of being rehabilitated by their owners.
In the case of VR there are three different levels of internal comparison groups: people who applied for but were not accepted for VR services (Status 08); people not successfully rehabilitated after implementation of the IWRP (Status 28); and those who are accepted and agree to receive services, but leave the program prior to implementation of their IWRP (Status 30).
ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan Railways has rehabilitated and reconstructed around 230 bridges across the country to ensure smooth trains operation besides reducing the travel duration.