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v. re·gressed, re·gressing, re·gresses
To have a tendency to approach or go back to a statistical mean. Psychology
To induce a state of regression in: techniques to regress a patient under hypnosis.

re·gres′sor n.
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Cardiology A clinical trial–Regression Growth Evaluation Statin Study of the effect of pravastatin on progression or regression of CAD in symptomatic ♂ with hypercholesterolemia. See Lipid-lowering therapy, Pravastatin. Cf MAAS, PLAC I, PLAC II, 4S.
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The average time from discovery of the regressed lesion to pathologic diagnosis in the nodes ranged from 12 months to 4 years.
The skin incisions healed rapidly, and the necrotic lesions regressed. The patient later underwent skin transplantation, and the repair was almost complete.
There were, however, marginally significant differences in the association among those with and without chronic bronchitis in the two models that regressed the SDNN index (no lag) on vanadium and copper.
When they are regressed they learn that they have been badly burned or had leprosy or plague in a past life...
Utilizing developmental theory and adaptive equipment with regressed geriatric patients in therapeutic recreation.
This is the regressed, or "frail," resident, an individual often excluded from the mainstream of facility life.
Miriam DefensorSantiago told her colleagues that many of her cancer cells have regressed but she could not attend plenary sessions just yet.
Results from one-year follow up study demonstrated that one out of five women developed cervical disease that required treatment (CIN3+) if they were positive by the test and women with disease by biopsy and regressed were 85% OncoE6 negative.
As a nation we should all feel ashamed having regressed 100 years.
Among the top three banks, BLOM Bank's rank regressed by 49 notches to 411th place, Bank Audi dropped by 33 places (288th), while Byblos Bank's rank fell by 22 spots to 470th place and posted the smallest year-on-year drop in the standings among the top three banks -- the fourth lowest among the Lebanese banks included in the survey.
HAVE Wales really improved, or have they regressed, under Warren Gatland since the Grand Slam of three years ago?
"We are doing all we can in every regard and will continue the reforms," PM Nikola Gruevski replied to a reporter's question as to what he thought of EU Ambassador Fouere's statement that Macedonia regressed on its way to the EU and it was uncertain where the country was heading for.