registered technologist

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registered technologist (RT)

a medical professional who is certified by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists or equivalent certifying agency in one or more of the following disciplines: radiography, nuclear medicine, radiation therapy, mammography, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, cardiovascular interventional technology, or quality management. See also radiological technologist.
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The 2007 ARRT Annual Report to Registered Technologists carried an article stating the ARRT's support and encouraging R.
A summary is included in ARRT's Annual Report to Registered Technologists.
We're looking for a wide range of allied health professionals, physicians, nurses, physicists and educators--not just ASRT members or registered technologists.
If the vital status of previously registered technologists would be available for follow-up.
A summary is included in ARRT's 2005 Annual Report to Registered Technologists.
9) Beginning in 2005, qualified registered technologists in addition to nuclear medicine technologists will be allowed to take the PET certification exam.
The Registry is proud to say, "ARRT, a quarter of a million registered technologists, strong and growing
The ARRT published this information in its April 2005 Annual Report to Registered Technologists.

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