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The file of data concerning all cases of a specified condition, such as cancer, occurring in a defined population; the register is the actual document, and the registry is the system of ongoing registration.
[Mediev. L. registrum, fr. L.L. regero, pp. regestum to record]


[LL. regesta, list]
1. An official recording of vital statistics, including date and place of birth, marriage(s), and death. Recording these data is a legal requirement in the U.S.
2. The compass or range of a voice.
3. A series of tones of like quality or character, as low or high register, chest or head register.
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Four percent were registered as public unlisted companies, not for profit associations, foreign companies and Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) whereas 96% of these companies were registered by using online facility including applications received from overseas subscribers through eService and around 49% of these companies were registered on same day.
Rawalpindi City Police Officer (CPO) Captain (retired) Faisal Rana on Sunday directed police to launch the campaign from Monday (today) to ensure that the tenancy agreements are complete and registered as per the rent laws.
Movement registered in June 2003, Botswana Tlhoko Tiro Organisation registered on April 2008, Botswana Movement for Democracy Change registered in August 2012, Botswana People's Party registered in October 2013, Alliance for Progressive registered in October 2017, Real Alternative Party registered in November 2017, and lastly Botswana Patriotic Front registered in June 2019.
"In November 2018, 11 companies with Turkmen capital were registered in Turkey, which is 25 companies less than in November 2017.
Around 73 percent companies were registered as private limited companies, while around 25 percent were registered as single-member companies.
Around 73 per cent of companies were registered as private limited companies, while around 25 per cent were registered as single-member companies.
During that period, not a single car was registered in Hyderabad, Benazirabad and Mirpurkhas regions.
127, the Regulation on the Formation and Maintenance of the Uniform Register of Certificates of Conformity and Registered Declarations of Compliance approved by the Decision of the Commission of the Customs Union of June 18, 2010 No.
Five robbery cases were registered, 18 accused were arrested with recovery of 2.917 million rupee worth stolen items, similarly 148 cases of burglary were registered in which 242 accused were arrested and recovered 9.851 million rupee worth stolen items while 6 cases were dismissed.
The offer is open to anyone who shows their polling card, electoral card or confirmation email that says they have registered to vote.
If you've moved home since the last time you voted, and haven't registered to vote from your new address, you will need to do so.
A total of 1.94 million cars are registered as being off-road and Kwik Fit looked at all car models with at least 10,000 still registered in the UK when carrying out their compilation.

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