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a health care system under which all institutions and agencies in a given geographical area are organized under a single board and administration; it may involve the integration of some or all of the service providers in the region.


(in health care planning) the organization of a system for the delivery of health care within a region to avoid costly duplication of services and to ensure availability of essential services.


Managed care The subdivision of a broadly available service–eg, a blood bank, into quasi-autonomous regional centers, capable of making decisions and providing more cost-effective and/or faster service to hospitals and health care facilities, located the greatest distance from a 'centralized' service's hub

Patient discussion about regionalization

Q. Any idea on how to meet people who suffer from alcoolism in my region?

A. if you look for an AA meeting near your home- that should not be a problem- just "google" it. or ask your doctor to reffer you to the nearest clinic.
take care! and good for you on that big step!

Q. Is there any problem, if an arachnoid cyst ,2cmx1.5cm size, rostral to cerebellar region left untreated? symptoms: repeated headaches, twitching of muscles, tiredness

A. An arachnoid cyst that leads to symptoms usually needs treatment. Mild symptoms as you suggested are ok to left untreated however gradual onset of new symptoms may arise such as seizures, paralysis and other complications, therefore once symptoms occur one should consider treatment.

Q. experiencing sharp pain in my right kidney region... pain is acute and doesnt radiate... recently PE left lung have been taking warfrin, panadiene forte, two kinds of cholesterol/triglycerine reducing meds and champix quit smoking medication... recently tests showed the hight cholesterol and triglys' levels and also a swollen liver... pain is not in my liver area... past pain in this kidney recurrent but never as bad. always dull.. many years ago had a uti, which caused high protiene levels.. very bad at finishing anti-biotics... recently had tonsilitis.. This hurts and is tender to touch but does not bring on sharp pain when touched, sharp pain comes and goes after taking pain relief

A. Go to see a doctor - although its tempting to make the diagnosis over the net (I have several ideas about what it might be), it sounds like serious, especially if you had a PE lately - it could be a thrombus in the vein of the kidney, or maybe a stone (sounds like that according to the description of the pain). However, as I said, making the diagnosis without even seeing you isn't the wisest thing to do.

Take care,

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Report Outlines Projected High Growth for Russia and Recent Regulation that Regionalizes Key Decision-Making and Reshapes Physician Interaction
Briggs said he is applying for a $300,000 grant next month to regionalize dispatch services to save both towns money.
Ashland had tried unsuccessfully to regionalize building inspection services with Southboro, Mr.
Others were concerned about the loss of jail operations, which officials will regionalize by moving Valley prisoners to the regional Van Nuys Jail.
Also at the meeting, Veterans Agent Peter Rock told selectmen the state requires towns of over 12,000 to regionalize and be served by a full-time veterans agent rather than part time.
We want to have a specific direction whether to regionalize or not by July 1," said Mr.
He said the Hayden bill would have taken away money from other regional transit projects, like the Pasadena Blue Line in his district, and regionalize planning in the county.
DOUGLAS -- A draft agreement for a feasibility study to regionalize emergency dispatch services among Douglas, Northbridge, Sutton, Uxbridge and Upton will be presented to selectmen for approval at the their next meeting, Town Administrator Michael J.
BOSTON - Cities and towns facing lower revenues and increasing costs for basic services may soon look to regionalize local 911 and police dispatch, public health inspection, property assessment and public works operations.
Our role is not to advocate whether or not you regionalize, but to get you enough data to make wise decisions," Donald G.
Town departments and officials often are reluctant to change "and I think it would cost the towns money to regionalize.
Goodrich, a Paxton selectman who regularly attends the regional meetings, said the regional group seems to know what needs to be done to regionalize purchasing and services, but fails to take the steps.

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