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Compared with the Tp-IPoWDM network, the Tl-IPoWDM network can use not only routers but also 3R regenerators for the optical signal regeneration.
The thermodynamic effects of inlet temperature, pressure ratio, outlet temperature at the hot end of condenser, and terminal temperature difference of regenerator 1 and regenerator 2 on the SC[O.sub.2] Brayton Cycle are studied.
(3) The model also explains that multilayered regenerators are better to use and the material interface should be at the place where temperature profile shifts towards higher side.
Based on the heat energy equation, the heat transfer through the regenerator bed of nanofluid can be written as:
Apart from losses in the system, the actual amplification over the regenerator depends on the temperature profile.
The Human Regenerator presentation was one of 12 topics discussed at the Middle East Spa Summit that took place over 3 days at The Hotel Show 2009.
A comprehensive theory of how dehumidifier wheels can be expected to perform at various wheel speeds, face velocities, and fractions of the regenerator face area relative to the supply air face area would not only give the manufacturer of the wheels better design tools, it would give the HVAC system designer improved wheel selections and specification of operating conditions.
"We are developing ceramic regenerators with a patented arrangement that gives low compressed-air leakage and long seal lives.
Additional gain can be used to increase the spacing between electrical regenerators and/or increase the number of Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) channels that can be supported.
Hitachi Telecom's AMN 6100 is the industry's longest distance 128-channel DWDM system and has the capability to carry optical traffic up to a distance of 8,000 kilometers at a speed of 10 Gbps without regenerators on a wide variety of fiber types.
Speaking at the BCC's Great Traffic Debate Mr Steven Norris, now director general of the Road Haulage Association, said: "We need two types of new road: the bypass, a road capable of improving the quality of life for tens of thousands of people, and'eco nomic regenerators' - those roads which provide opportunity to areas of particularly poor employment.
They provide a helpful summary of modem scholarship on how femininity (and at times masculinity) were both defined and experienced during that era: (1) In reaction against French revolutionary thought, rapid economic change, and aristocratic corruption, English evangelicals sought to transform the home into a fortress in the battle against sin and to enhance the role of women as the moral regenerators of the kingdom.