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To renew; to reproduce.
[L. re- genero, pp. -atus, to reproduce, fr. genus (gener-), birth, race]


v. regener·ated, regener·ating, regener·ates
Biology To replace (a lost or damaged organ or part) by the formation of new tissue.
To effect regeneration: Can the damaged nerves regenerate?
adj. (-ər-ĭt)
Formed by regeneration: regenerate tissue.

re·gen′er·a·ble (-ər-ə-bəl) adj.
re·gen′er·ate·ly adv.
re·gen′er·a′tor n.
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When those adult stem cells were transplanted into other mice, they were able to regenerate all the different cell types in the nasal tissue, also called the olfactory epithelium.
"It suggests that we, and maybe amniotes in general, are much more alone in the lack of an ability to regenerate limbs," she says.
While others have developed materials that can mend small defects, there is no research regarding systems that can regenerate bulk sections of a severed material."
MicroRNAs--tiny strands that regulate gene expression--contribute to the heart's ability to regenerate up to one week after birth.
Children and some adults can regrow fingers after amputation, but digits cannot regenerate if more than the nail region is amputated.
North Tyneside Elected Mayor Linda Arkley has allocated pounds 1million per year to regenerate the coast over the next three years.
I WAS delighted to hear the excellent Friargate project that will regenerate the land between the railway station and the city centre is still on track.
The Ringland Estate is the nearest housing estate to the Celtic Manor and could have been a showpiece of how to put on a world-class event and help regenerate the local area.
"I feel myself like I rebirth, regenerate," Pinar noted.
His local dealer says they can't regenerate the diesel particulate filter, and have quoted pounds 1,500 for a replacement, offering to pay 20 per cent as a goodwill gesture.
The cotton is produced from the post-industrial waste from the manufacturing of T-shirts, and the recovery process to regenerate the cotton is energy and water-friendly.
A NEW pounds 13m programme to help community groups regenerate their areas was officially launched by the Big Lottery Fund and the Welsh Assembly Government yesterday.