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To renew; to reproduce.
[L. re- genero, pp. -atus, to reproduce, fr. genus (gener-), birth, race]


v. regener·ated, regener·ating, regener·ates
Biology To replace (a lost or damaged organ or part) by the formation of new tissue.
To effect regeneration: Can the damaged nerves regenerate?
adj. (-ər-ĭt)
Formed by regeneration: regenerate tissue.

re·gen′er·a·ble (-ər-ə-bəl) adj.
re·gen′er·ate·ly adv.
re·gen′er·a′tor n.
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The olfactory epithelium is a singularly powerful model for understanding how tissues regenerate or fail to do so," said senior author Jim Schwob.
Plants such as chaparral, sage and native grasses either regenerate from roots or regrow from seeds after a fire, O'Toole said.
Chris Newsome, of St Modwen, said: "It is a very exciting opportunity to improve and regenerate this area, which has suffered from underinvestment in the past.
Whereas the Sacrament symbolizes Christ's willing acceptance of suffering, which regenerates time for the penitent, the Perpetual Light confronts the Brothers continually with the suffering they have caused and the history they can never escape.
I have written one book on Baptist church covenants, another on the responsibilities of church membership, and many articles on church discipline and regenerate church membership.
Past studies have shown that various invertebrate creatures can regenerate vital organs.
This trait, along with the nutcracker's willingness to fly far with the seeds, helps the pines regenerate deep into the charred heart of seemingly inaccessible burn sites.
In a single chemical reaction, the phosphate on creatine can be donated to ADP to regenerate one ATP molecule.
Because the beds are thin they regenerate quickly, reducing blower size and using 30% less energy, Comet says.
TODAY: Doctors inject hormones, chemicals that affect body functions, into fractured jaws and other bones to help them regenerate or regrow.
The gills can be damaged or lost during predation attempts, but all North American species are able to regenerate them.
Scientists are overturning the conventional wisdom found at the start of almost any spinal cord regeneration article: Nerve fibers (axons) in the brain and spinal cord do not regenerate naturally, even though peripheral nerves can.