refractory periodontitis

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re·frac·to·ry per·i·o·don·ti·tis

(rĕ-fraktŏr-ē perē-ō-don-tītis)
Clinical attachment loss despite optimal subgingival débridement and performance of acceptable oral hygiene.
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(16) Subgingival GNER often persist after periodontal debridement and surgery and have been implicated as key pathogens in cases of refractory periodontitis. (15), (17-20) These microorganisms were detected at higher frequency and in higher proportions in patients with failing implants.18 Additionally, they show less susceptibility to chlorhexidine, (21) and the fact that these microorganisms exhibit in vitro resistance to the majority of adjunctive antibiotics used to treat periodontitis (22-25) means that periodontal lesions associated with these organisms do not respond to conventional treatment modalities.
Microbial composition and partern of antibiotic resistance in subgingival microbial samples from patients with refractory periodontitis. J Periodontal 64: 155-161.
On the other hand, it is important to note that patients included in the study with ciprofloxacin (10) had a history of refractory periodontitis associated with GNER.