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Refracting telescopes uses lenses to make faraway objects look closer so we can see them in greater detail.
When he was young Bopp began observing with a department-store refracting telescope that "didn't amount to anything but disappointment," he says.
The sky looked promising on the evening of March 30, 1996, as more than a dozen representatives from various astronomy clubs in the Northeast gathered in Hadley, Massachusetts, to witness the first light of a newly reconstructed refracting telescope.
Barlow Pepin is currently writing a book on the refracting telescope for Cambridge University Press.
When Lick Observatory opened in June 1888 it boasted the largest refracting telescope in the world - a 36-inch Clark.
These can be seen in any competently made refracting telescope.
Occupying a corner of my home garden in Deltona, Florida, and equipped with a 6-inch D & G refracting telescope, this is the only full-time solar observatory in the Sunshine State.
To Flammarion, the telescope's success was further evidence that "the future lies in the development of refracting telescopes rather than reflecting.
Refracting telescopes focus red and blue lights differently.
Binoculars are essentially two refracting telescopes fixed together.
We are especially encouraged by the fact that our new digital technology -- incorporated in the recently introduced ETX-90EC with the hand-held Autostar computer controller -- has been enthusiastically received and is being applied to our entire family of less-expensive refracting telescopes.