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In computed tomography, when data from a series of contiguous transverse scan images are recombined to produce images in a different plane, such as sagittal or coronal.
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A reformatted hard drive could have tens of thousands of files on it, and the file names may not be intuitive.
* Key volunteers (including several ACA standards chairs and accreditation visitors) were asked to review and provide input to an initial draft of the reviewed, revised, and reformatted standards.
* Place a sticker or placard on the copier/printer with the following: "Warning, this government-owned copier uses a hard drive that must be physically destroyed before turn-in" or "Warning, this leased copier uses a hard drive that must be reformatted before turn-in."
The reformatted six-page version of the historical chart may now also be found on our website.
Muriel Smith is also a dab hand with needle and thread to resew reformatted parts back together.
In this issue, we've reformatted and redefined our industry overviews to give a clear, easy-to-read synopsis of the state of black business.
The reformatted GDP article and the interactive data service are indicative of our primary initiative.
At the customer locations, the information traveling via these technologies needs to be "reformatted" to speak the language of the end user, in our world Ethernet.
The idea behind the reformatted book was to make it easy for the company's customers to envision the options available to them with CMI.
To enable the WORM capability on standard Super DLT II tape cartridges, DLTIce places an electronic key on the tape that prevents data already written on a tape from being rewritten, reformatted or erased.
This new edition of A Greek Alphabetarion: A Primer For Teaching How To Read, Write, & Pronounce Ancient & Biblical Greek by English and Greek grammarian Harvey Bluedorn has been thoroughly revised and reformatted to make it easier for parents to teach their children, and for self-instructed older students to learn by themselves, the symbols and sounds of the Greek alphabet and master the Greek language.