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In computed tomography, when data from a series of contiguous transverse scan images are recombined to produce images in a different plane, such as sagittal or coronal.
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A reformatted hard drive could have tens of thousands of files on it, and the file names may not be intuitive.
Therefore, it seemed intuitive to structure the reformatted ethics code by line of business, so that CPAs only need to look at the part applicable to them.
Cable operators have the choice of preserving broadcast advertisements in the reformatted video, thus extending their reach and penetration; or deploying an optional Morega ad-insertion server that dynamically refreshes existing advertisements with new content that targets specific client platforms.
With the newly reformatted CHAMP-Net website, questions are now organized by topics, creating easier access to previously asked questions.
ADDITIONALLY, XBRL WILL reduce the cost of processing, calculating and formatting financial information because, once it's created and formatted the first time, it never has to be keyed in a second time or reformatted for even special presentations.
CHICAGO -- Fitch Ratings will issue a newly reformatted version of its 'High Yield Market Weekly' newsletter beginning Friday, Jan.
Securing the airport project: launch and follow-up of the impact environmental and social project of closing, updating and precise definition of the reformatted project budget;
Valley has not nor did not restate or change any of its reported results from operations or financial condition in any manner when it reformatted its financial statements, and the financial statements contained in the Form 8-K do not constitute a "restatement.
But those movies were not reformatted specifically for the big screen as ``Apollo 13'' will be.
Locked-Down Theft Protection Gives PC Notebook Users the Ability to Track Lost or Stolen PCs Even If the Hard Drive Is Reformatted
We not only change the design of premises and install new equipment the business itself is reformatted, Dmitri Kurdyukov emphasized.
is launching its Giant Screen Theatres with the showcase of an enhanced version of Disney's ``Beauty and the Beast,'' which has been reformatted for the theater with a screen more than 5 1/2 stories tall and state-of-the-art digital sound.