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In computed tomography, when data from a series of contiguous transverse scan images are recombined to produce images in a different plane, such as sagittal or coronal.
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com licenses, reformats, integrates, and enhances over 60 data sets for the real estate market, including school, town and community, demographic, lifestyle characteristic, culture, crime, environmental hazard, property ownership, tax and transaction information for over 61,000 communities nationwide.
Tool Instantaneously Reformats C++ Source Code to Any Style,
Using patented technology, Online Anywhere's software dynamically reformats web pages for different sizes and shapes of displays such as Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), like the Palm Pilot, and web connected televisions.
Copernicus non-invasively receives data from disparate applications, reformats the data and delivers that data to target applications.
VTRAN reads the state/time information from simulation data files, performs optional processing on this data, and then reformats it for over 30 popular logic simulators.
reformats the data using terms that business professionals can relate to rather than database terminology
o LINKRunner(TM), a bi-directional protocol converter which reformats DS-3 transmission signals into the Sony Serial Digital Data Interface (SDDI) architecture, and