reflex therapy

re·flex ther·a·py

treatment of some morbid condition by exciting a reflex action, as in the household treatment of nosebleed by a piece of ice applied to the cervical spine.
Synonym(s): reflexotherapy
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When she found Omar responding to a non-invasive approach in Europe called Temprana Reflex Therapy, she and her team collec-ted data from the interiors of Oman to offer treatment with the backing of ministries and companies.
The oxygen saturation reliably significantly changed only in the group of men who had lived in the north for less than 5 years (p [less than or equal to] 0.049), indicating that this category of persons has the greatest sensitivity to oxygen therapy carried out together with leech reflex therapy, and it is associated with improved rheological blood properties and tissue hypoxia reduction.
The parameters prevailing majority is significantly different at the critical significance level of p [less than or equal to] 0.05 before and after the treatment, which indicates a significant positive effect of combined rehabilitation treatment based on leech reflex therapy [6,7].
White Hands services Baabood, who is specialised in international education and curriculum development, said that the centre provides a wide range of services to disabled people of all ages including psychological tests, speech therapy, psychotherapy, reflex therapy, Irlen screening and diagnosing, home services for severely disabled and elderly and training as well as research and consultation.
Tests can range from applied kinesiology - which helps diagnose food intolerances - to more in-depth blood tests, while treatments are as varied as colonic irrigation, to nasal reflex therapy, electrolysis foot bath, and massages.
Briefer outlines of massage, aromatherapy, biofeedback, body awareness, Feldenkrais, functional relaxation, yoga, reflex therapy, shiatsu and tai chi ch'uan are also included.
Ever heard of VRT?: Vertical Reflex Therapy (VRT) is a supplementary technique to conventional reflexology, in that the feet are treated whilst the receiver is standing.
He has studied hydrotherapy, reflex therapy and chirotherapy in Germany, Postural integration, acupuncture, sphincter exercise, t'ai chi, yoga, and other modalities that make him unique.