reflex control

re·flex con·trol

nerve impulses transmitted to the muscles to maintain normal reflex action.
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Overactivation of the ergoreflex is associated with abnormal cardiorespiratory reflex control, independently of clinical severity.
Amelioration of depressed cardiopulmonary reflex control of sympathetic nerve activity by short-term exercise training in male rabbits with heart failure.
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This may result in positively altered force/velocity characteristics, reflex control and proprioceptive regulation, leading to improvements in walking gait and functional balance.
The company has combined the fluid Rider Reflex control system with real-time terrain deformation to create an experience that will immerse gamers in the rhythm of a race, Rainbow Studios said.
Prior to, and on completion of training, knee joint stiffness and reflex control of the quadriceps and hamstring muscle groups were tested during controlled perturbations.
It appears clear that sleep-related de pression of neuromuscular function and alteration of reflex control of pharyngeal muscles result in marked increases in upper airway collapsibility and elevation in pharyngeal Pcrit in normals, snorers, and patients with OSA and UARS.
Several studies have suggested that hypercapnia leads to increased sympathetic tone (14) and that combined hypercapnia and hypoxemia synergistically increase sympathetic activity through impaired baroreceptor-cardiac reflex control in healthy humans (12, 15).
Interaction of baroreceptor and chemoreceptor reflex control of sympathetic nerve activity in normal humans.