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1. Of, relating to, produced by, or resulting from reflection.
2. Capable of or producing reflection.
3. Characterized by or given to meditation or contemplation; thoughtful.

Patient discussion about reflective

Q. In what manner does bipolar reflect?

A. this is very difficult when you are not used to know the symptoms. such persons turn very fast and heavily from euphoric to depressive. the behaviour is then always excessive and sometimes not anymore under control. the risk to go in an asylum is acute.

Q. Hey Community ! i have been wondering ... in what ways does bipolar reflects? i suspect one of my friends is Bipolar and my fear is that i won't be for him at the moment he needs me the most because i won't know exactly how to " read " him straight as a bipolar ... is there like a predictable or kind of a mood guide i can use as a tool to what i have a described ?

A. i understand your concern, and it's very good to be aware about problems in your friends life! just remember that diagnosing bipolar disorder is not an easy thing to do- and it takes even a very good psychiatrist a few sessions. but here's a link for signs and symptoms of mood disorders that might give you a hint:

Q. is cancer genetic? if one in the family has/had cancer does it reflects on the other family member's chances?

A. Unfortunately yes… some types of cancer have a clear genetic tendency, that means that if your mother had breast cancer- your chances to having it too is 10% bigger then anyone else. this is why if you know there’s a cancer tendency in your family, you should take even more care then others. Lower risks, get checked more often…that kind of things.

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