reference method

ref·er·ence meth·od

an analytic procedure sufficiently free of random or systematic error to make it useful for validating proposed new analytic procedures for the same analyte.
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In the case of particulates, A method which can be shown to be consistent with the reference method may be used.
Consequently, a combination of several tests, including cultures and Ziehl-Neelsen (ZN) staining of the fluid or pleural tissue, has been recommended as a reference method for the diagnosis of TBP, and the histopathological study of the pleural tissue (6,8).
1c] results from samples with these variants with those of the IFCC HPLC-capillary electrophoresis (CE) reference method for Hb [A.
All samples were analysed in comparison to the EN ISO 11290-1:2004 reference method and the study showed that ANSR for Listeria is more sensitive than the standard.
2) At that time, there was no reference method, and no certified reference material was available, (3) making it difficult to assign reference values to our samples.
It Is factory calibrated against the HiCN reference method in accordance with ICSH and requires no re-calibration or maintenance, as it undertakes an automatic self-check between every measurement.
Completing the AFNOR certification process provides our customers with the confidence in alternative methods that can be used against a reference method," said Nir Nimrodi, General Manager of the Animal and Food Safety Business for Life Technologies.
As a reference method for comparison of measurement results a trigonometric method is used.
In this story we'll show you how to use the bench reference method to join cabinet parts.
Nova Biomedical StatStrip, Arkray Glucocard, Roche Accu-Chek Advantage, Abbott Precision PCx Plus and the reference method was Radiometer ABL 835 (reference method was chosen to obtain haematocrit and glucose)
The Thyrotest method agreed quite well with the reference method (n = 80) while the Thyrocheck gave extremely high values on 8 samples, suggesting a possible interference or high-dose hook effect.
TATG replaces the manual four-point reference method as the primary gauge for the amount of fuel in a collapsible fabric tank.

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