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To induce refection.
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Lebanese Democratic Party head Talal Arslan said the former premier was "able to add a positive environment to the political life in Lebanon, by refecting terrorism and standing by the Army."
I remember him telling me in one of our "life refecting" sessions, "Shikoh, I realized I cannot change the world all by myself, so I stopped building stuff, and started teaching people like you to build.
Expatriate artists Meriel Cooper-Wallace and Sita Dotinga will be holding a joint exhibition of their work this month, refecting their different styles in painting, but alluding to the Bahraini infuences they both share.
The level of DM of Tanzania-grass increased with the rise in canopy height, accompanied by the increase in FM and LDM, refecting the effect of sward height management on the forage production for grazing animals (Table 1).
(1) They have shifted their attention to the shaded side of contemporary China, writing about the marginalized and refecting on the social issues that accompany the existing social order.
Similarly, items are criticised as inadequately refecting the WHO-ICF three domains, and not distinguishing between 'remunerated' or 'at home' work.
This is especially the case for wheat, apparently refecting the effectiveness of domestic support prices.
The proportion of wet only patients receiving PDT increased over this 3-year period, refecting the increasing acceptance of PDT into general practice.
For instance, the investigators had no data refecting how much caregivers interacted with and stimulated the children, which can influence a child's intelligence.
Hierarchical topic detection is a new task in the TDT 2004 evaluation program, which aims to organize a collection of unstructured news data in a directed acyclic graph (DAG) structure, refecting the topics discussed in the collection, ranging from rather coarse category like nodes to fine singular events.
star For the RecordHM King Abdullah receives Mulsim World League Secretary Genral and accompanying delegates His Majesty King Abdullah on Tuesday lauded the role of Muslim scholars in removing misconceptions about Islam and in refecting a bright image abotut he faith, its principles and teachings.He highlighted tolerance and openness to world cultures, respect of human dignity and justice as major characteristics of the true nature ofIslam and its message.The King's remarks were made at a meeting with Muslim World League (MWL) Secretary General Abdullah Abdul Muhsen Turki and the accompanying delegates.
Mr Paul Haigh, Ruler of Nowhere and only Deputy Assistant Trainee Prime Minister of his own home, having no other pressing official duties that day, retired to the pool where, having basted himself liberally with Hawaiian Dark Tanning Lotion (don't try to imagine it if you haven't finished your breakfast), he whiled away the hours of daylight refecting on how the duties of a sports reporter vary from country to country, and the fact that, while Cheltenham may have been shot to bits, it's obviously all systems go for the camel racing equivalent.