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To induce refection.
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Minorities' growing shares of that population have been an ongoing trend in the past several decades and are refected in the Census Bureau and BLS projections of the U.
This is refected most dramatically in the fact that the Supreme Court has never invalidated a federal statute on the ground that it channels into the federal courts cases that fall outside the list supplied in Article HI, Section 2.
The researchers found that the African American students' reading comprehension and recall were more efficient and accurate when the text and illustrations of the reading materials refected themes consistent with their own socio-cultural experiences than when they depicted White imagery and culturally distant themes.
The Association believed that devotion to the Commissioners was the essence of 'true' union solidarity, as refected in speeches made at a reunion of retired members in Bathurst:
In addition, significant signal changes in the pre-motor and primary motor cortices in both the contralateral and ipsilateral hemispheres were observed on fMRI, which refected the observed motor changes.
It shows a woman in a jacuzzi at night, arms outstretched on the edge of the pool, her face lit by refected artigcial light.
Still, Lille are better than St Etienne to a greater extent than is refected in their price to win the game.
The first aim of the Media Lab is to ensure Aboriginal history is accurately and innovatively refected in the media in order to counter persistent misunderstandings about Aboriginal societies.
Recent updates to a number of treatment guidelines have refected this changing situation by emphasizing the need for clinicians to consider local antimicrobial resistance patterns and risk factors for infection with drug-resistant pathogens when prescribing empiric antimicrobial therapy.
Still, on how television might enrich politics, the committee's report refected the vision Vice President Gore had laid out in that inaugural meeting.
The RCN says it is more practical for women to wear trousers and short- sleeved tunic tops: "It can get very warm in hospitals and this has now been refected in the uniform they are expected to wear.