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To induce refection.
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This gives an acceptable compromise between large enough trapped mass for good accuracy, and short enough interval so that the data refects blow out of the top of the layer.
For instance, Liebe will naturally be hyphenated Lie-be in song texts, which refects the long [i:] and helps the singer to avoid anticipating the ensuing consonant.
But the purposes of our military power--which refect both enduring geopolitical realities and our most vital national interests and operating principles--remain remarkably constant.
The first is that the idea of either/or--being "born gay" or being born straight --is a modern invention, and does not refect reality.
Nevertheless, the shift is too large not to refect a real transition towards a mainly forestry economy.
Markets refect the culture and tradition in a region and for a tourist they are not just places to buy interesting merchandise but also a gateway to get acquainted with the region's people and their varied attitudes towards life in general," says Nikhil Ganju, Country Manager, TripAdvisor India.
At least, in keeping with selections that refect their respective 'corporate images', they have a man who knows how to spend money
Seminal plasma has a unique composition: some components support the spermatozoa, while others refect the functions of the reproductive system and the spermatozoa (12).
This article and data has now been updated to refect the correction.
p] must refect more pronounced value of reconfigurability as compared to that of [J.
The compilers of books of costume and later of ethnography never stopped to refect upon the fact that the two colonies bearing the same name were indeed two different places.