reentry phenomenon

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Return of the same impulse into a zone of heart muscle that it has recently activated, sufficiently delayed that the zone is no longer refractory, as seen in most ectopic beats, reciprocal rhythms, and most tachycardias.
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reentry phenomenon

Cardiology The reexcitation of a region of the heart by a single electrical impulse, which may cause ectopic beats or tachyarrhythmia; RE is the common cause of paroxysmal atrial or supraventricular arrhythmia, which is coupled to premature ventricular depolarization
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re·en·try phe·nom·e·non

(rē-en'trē fĕ-nom'ĕ-non)
The return of a cardiac impulse to an area of muscle that it has already activated, after the refractory period of the area has expired, resulting in one or more ectopic beats or a sustained arrhythmia.
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