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tr.v. rein·forced, rein·forcing, rein·forces
a. To reward (an experimental subject, for example) with a reinforcer subsequent to a desired response or performance.
b. To encourage (a response) by means of a reinforcer.

re′in·force′a·ble adj.
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These should include executive socialization and training processes to reenforce commitment and perspectives;
We have to train our people to be more proficient at their job, and we must take time to reenforce what already has been taught.
As the employees view the tape in the future, they may reenforce their own importance to the organization.
The social structure and tenets of core beliefs and ritual reenforce each other.
The upshot is an American public thoroughly disgusted by the politicization of personal sexuality and disposed to reenforce the separation of private morality from public competence.
No-fault divorce laws both reflect and reenforce this ideology, as well as establishing conventions of legal relevance that strengthen the attorney's hand.
This problem, deeply rooted in the society as a whole, will not be resolved by resurrecting the educational goals and standards of the recent past, which themselves reenforce rather than solve the problem.
More to the point, she does not really offer dialogue with the body of criticism; rather, she mentions critics briefly to reenforce a theme she is developing.
As well as police action many pubs have taken it upon themselves to reenforce the message.
Much of it was devoted to measures that he wants to undertake in his new term--assuming he gets one--that would reenforce the so-called "three-strikes and you're out" philosophy of violent offenders.
Pundits of TV and talk radio shows reenforce these tendencies.
The novel's manner is intelligent comic melodrama, and its form is hundreds of short scenes, dated and placed, which reenforce the playlike drama that is unfolding.