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In psychodrama, the acting out of a past experience.
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This year's reenactment will be more meaningful to the parishioners in the aftermath of Yolanda.
Telling and retelling stories about every part of the reenactment experience, and engaging in narrativity, are a big part of creating a "better past," regardless of the historical realm involved.
In 1988, Errol Morris released the film The Thin Blue Line, a documentary that melds film noir-ish reenactments of a crime and standard talking-head interviews.
Reenactment of daily duties and drills aboard the battleship by WWII reenactors, www.
Besides the live Pickett's Charge webcast, which can be replayed by subscribers after the event there will be exclusive, highlight video clips from each day of the Gettysburg reenactment.
A number of experts appointed by Bellemare's office attended the reenactment of Hariri's reenactment and they will analyze the results of the experiment but they will be kept confidential, AS SAFIR reported Wednesday.
The source told AS SAFIR that "the reenactment will last around a week until the commission tests all possible hypotheses of Hariri's murder and compare them to the conclusions which the investigative committee reached after examining the crime scene.
Battle reenactment society the Sealed Knot at Bodnant Garden at the weekend Picture: ROBERT PARRY JONES
For this reason, whenever aggressive behavior is raised as a clinical issue, it should simultaneously raise the possibility that posttraumatic reenactment is driving its presentation.
He had told his reenactment friends that he wanted them to dress in period clothing at his funeral and that is what they did.
As the movie itself was rated R for violence by the Motion Picture Association, it was not clear at press time whether parents would be required to accompany their children to the live reenactment.