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The most common view on the frequent use of reduplicated consonant graphemes in The Ormulum is that they were intended to indicate vowel shortness.
A noteworthy outcome is the refutation of Cole's claim that "[i]n the formation of compounds consisting of noun plus noun, other than those having reduplicated stems, the prefix of the second noun is omitted".
At the ultra structural level, regions of reduplicated lamina densa are evident.
Readers can learn much from this talented writer regarding southern regionalisms and colloquialisms, indeed the various patois of Co-chinchina swamplands, mangroves, and coconut farms, including the reduplicated expressions with vivid imagery that the French linguist Hardricourt has called "impressives.
The plantation to which he returns lies under a double affliction: The public scourge of slavery is reduplicated in a private curse whose cause lies shrouded in mystery.
Many of these (missed spaces, lost or reduplicated letters, words missing from the title of a work, misattribution of a work in a list, incorrect initial for an author by reduplication) are symptomatic of careless cutting and pasting.
B019] hap- 'to hear, listen', cited in the reduplicated form hahp- (EW, 590: ha-h-pu-us 'er erhorte').
Nouns can be reduplicated to indicate an indefinite plural, e.
The Relationship between Reduplicated Babble Onset and Laterality Biases in Infant Rhythmic Arm Movements.
With the exception of the Wiimbaio, whose name is taken from the word in their language Wiim, meaning 'man', all the river tribes spoken of have been named from their language, or rather from their dialects, in which the negative is respectively Taat or Taath, Leitchi, Weki, Wathi, and so on, and reduplicated as their speech.
Indeed, this finding was reduplicated for the three grammars studied intensively in METALANG II; once cleansed, there were 1539 tokens of CAN in SWAN (1.
Also note that some of the extensions, for instance the causative can be reduplicated and the same is true of the applied.